SEO Tips

This is a common question from anyone who has an existing website. Why isn’t it showing up on Google results? There could be many factors, but I’d like to share with you a few important things to keep your website growing..

Make sure you use relevant keywords in your page title, meta description and content throughout your website (product descriptions, about pages etc). Choose keywords that are relevant to your services and think of phrases your customers may enter to find you online. So instead of just having 'Artist', you may have 'Northern Irish Abstract Artist'

Name your images accordingly. Instead of uploading an image as ‘IMG-2868.png’. Upload it as what that image is, for example ‘pink-bella-dress.png’.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate around and doesn’t have annoying pop ups that appear everyyy time. I was on a website recently, that had a new pop up every second. It drove me mad and I left the site pretty quickly. An easy-to-use navigation is very important. It will keep your user’s on the website for a bit longer and won’t put them off coming back.

Blogging is a fantastic way to help grow your presence and make more use of keywords. Even posting once a week will help generate more results. Plus, it can allow others to share your posts, which will help get your name out there.

Please remember that not everything will happen overnight. Google can take months to register new updates, so please be patient and remain dedicated.

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